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The Cast of Characters

    An Original Musical for 16 characters + dancers

Main Characters

Jamie-Rose Fergusson: (Rosemary James Fergusson) is the daughter of James Fergusson & Mary-Lou Braithwaite.  One of the main protagonists in her twenties, she is not obviously of mixed race and has grown up in New York.  She has come to Africa to help Rosie Ntuume to manage a shelter for unwed mothers.

Rosie Ntuume:  Also in her twenties, her father, Rosso, is of mixed race and she has grown up in an African village. She and Jamie-Rose manage the shelter for unwed mothers and their children . She embarks on a quest to find out the mysterious contents of her dying grandmother's letter which contains the family secrets of her and Jamie-Rose. Rosie's dad is the village drunk and she has had to parent her younger brother when her mother was killed in a shooting accident soon after Petero was born.

Rosso Jay (James) Ntuume: The village drunk, he is the son of Josephine and Dr. Russell Fergusson. Named after his father, with his middle name taken from his surrogate father. Though he carries the blood of a white man, he is black. The villagers, of course, have nick-named him “Sonny Fuggyzone”… Son of Fergusson. This name carries shame, and only adds to Rosso’s bitterness in life. He is lost a lost soul. He fathers two children: Rosie and Petero. His wife Salvation is killed in a gun accident caused by him and he has not put down the bottle ever since. It is he who reveals the letter at Josephine's funeral and puts the mystery of both families to rest.

BigMama - A Nigerian Psychic of a certain indistinguishable age.  She has fled her country for reasons that are mostly mysterious. Her mission is to empower women.

James Ntuume (Garden Boy) & James, the elderly grandfather  is  the garden ‘boy’ to the Fergusson’s, (early 20’s, a charming young man). He courts Josephine Ntuume, but is sidetracked by an affair with Rosalind Fergusson. After impregnating her, he is never allowed to see her again. Back in U.S., Rosalind gives birth to the child and, against the wishes of her parents, she insists that the child carry the name of his father, James. Hearing that Josephine has been banished to an island, he rescues and marries her, agreeing to raise her child as his own. The child is called Rosso…for that is how the man at the registry offices understands their pronunciation of “Russell”. He maintains his charm throughout the years, proving his loyalty and love to the bitter end.

Josephine Ntuume - 15-year-old house help of Dr and Mrs Fergusson
The mother of Rosso Jay Ntuume . Between 15 and 17 years old, she is the house help for the Fergussons. She has an affair with Dr. Russell Fergusson and becomes pregnant. She has a letter from the doctor, promising his support and protection, but she confronts her parents instead and banished to an island to die. Some men visit with the intention of a free bride, but James comes to her rescue and marries her and raises her child.   

Other Characters
Petero - Rosie's younger brother
Innocent - Petero's friend
John - Petero's friend
Perfect - Petero's friend

Grace - Rosie's friend
Pretty - Rosie's friend
6 Dancers (3 men and 3 women)

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