Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mango Roses: A Synopsis

Two women in their mid-20’s are working as volunteers in a home for unwed mothers and their children in an African city.

Jamie-Rose Fergusson has recently arrived from New York. Her grandmother once lived in Africa but went back quite suddenly. While keen on her work helping to manage the shelter, she is also open to connecting the dots of her family history in Africa. Rosie Ntuume moved to the city to manage the shelter. Her grandmother also has a story carefully hidden in the past. In due course, both women find that they share a common story and they are more closely linked than anyone could ever imagine; their link can be traced back to a mango tree somewhere on a remote island nestled in the waters of a deep lake where the spirits of the dead are ready to reveal the secrets of the past.

This gripping tale, told in music and dance, will stay with you long after the melodies and drum beats have ceased.

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