Sunday, 11 August 2013

Proposed Sequence of the Musical

Proposed Sequence for the musical

Keep in mind that some (or much) of this could change during the first full-day workshop. It is merely a skeleton to work with.

Prelude/Opening: Dance and Instrumental  - Dating-Trysts-Pregnancy-Baby Extravaganza
1 Opening Scene: Bistro/Piano Bar (Rosie and Jamie Rose are taking a break from the duties at the home for unwed mothers.  Rosie’s brother, Petero, has brought along three of his buddies. They all love music and dance and the Bistro is the perfect place to chill. At the end of the scene, Rosie and Jamie-Rose are ready to visit the local psychic, a woman who hails from Nigeria)
2.Visit to the Psychic: During this visit, Jamie-Rose learns that her grandmother is dying, and she is in possession of an important letter. The past unravels on stage as the psychic narrates the secrets of the past. (The trysts under the mango tree)
3.Farewell Church Service:  Flashback to the Fergusson’s departing in disgrace from Africa. Their 15-year-old daughter is pregnant from James, the garden boy! The 15-year-old house help, Josephine, is pregnant from Dr Ferguson. The musical motifs will recur at the funeral.
4. The Elders banish Josephine to a remote island; flashback to her past
5. The Quest: Jamie Rose needs to visit her grandmother, and find the letter…but she gets to the village too late.
6. The Funeral has ended: exiting the church, processing to the traditional burial, recurring musical motifs from farewell service of disgrace
7. At the burial, Russell, nicely drunk, reveals the letter…and the truth – the letter is from Dr Fergusson to the young Josephine, pledging his love and eternal support for the child. James decides to tell his version of the story…the truth about the birth of Russell’s birth – that he was the fruit of a malliaison. James also tells Jamie-Rose that she, too, is the fruit of a malliaison.
8.  Both Roses establish the truth about their connection – they share a grandfather! –

9. Meanwhile, Petero and Jamie Rose find the mango tree…Petero thinks that a move to England will solve his job problems and make his future clearer…so why not try to hook up with his distant relative…and the cycle repeats itself! LOL

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