Sunday, 11 August 2013

About Maryann Ivan & Kate Chapman

Maryann Ivan and Kate Chapman are accomplished musicians who work on Broadway, New York. I have known Maryann for several years and we collaborated on several projects over a span of years while I was working in Turkey. A composer, accomplished pianist and percussionist, Maryann is a gift to this production. Kate Chapman is a mesmerizing vocalist and keeps busy on Broadway. Last year, I met Kate Chapman, and she has also agreed to jump on board to share her skills and talents with us.

Follow Kate in a recent radio  interview:

Kate Chapman

Mary Ann Ivan

I promise to provide pictures and some sounds files in this space! So, stay tuned for more. As promised, I found some blurb on Maryann. (It's pretty easy!)

For more about Kate and her amazing story about weight loss, follow this link:
For more about KATE, check this link:

Of the various projects on which we collaborated, one of the most memorable is the Maryann's musical adapation of a moving story, Boy Overboard, by Morris Gleitzman, about an Afghan family who seek a new life in Australia but never quite make it there. The musical was staged at Baskent University School in Adana, Turkey. Here are some shots from that show.

Prior to the show, the students and Maryann visited an Afghan refugee village not too far from Antioch. After listening to their stories, the script was modified and the lyrics had a new meaning. A powerful moment. Here we are (can you find me? ) sitting with the village elders who cautioned us about producing a play that tells the right story.

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