Sunday, 3 November 2013

Thanks to ALL for a great show

The fictional tale finally came to life at Jazz Ville, Bugolobi (KAMPALA) on October 25, 26, 27, 2013. In this staged and photshopped picture, Dr Russel Fergusson poses with his wife, Fanny, their daughter, Meaghan (left), Josephine, the house help, and James, the gardener. Taken on the day they returned to America in August, 1963.

MANGO ROSES, an original musical with an African pulse, was dedicated to Grandmother Mawdah Mutaruha, the last known survivor of Punishment Island, where women were abandoned when they fell pregnant out of wedlock. There, they either died or were rescued by men in search of 'free' brides...Mukaaka Mawdah was rescued Erasmus, her now deceased husband. This picture was taken on a recent (October, 2013) visit to Lake Bunyonyi, in remote western Uganda.

Opening night excitement. Anita K (left) from the Royal Norwegian Embassy (one of the show sponsors, Mary Ann Ivan (Broadway musician and composer), Kate Chapman (Broadway singer , vocal coach, director) and Cedric Thompson, the producer of Mango Roses.

Full-Dress rehearsal - the show takes shape

The musical was a fusion extravaganza of Broadway style music, dance, and visual art

Tekera Kenneth Desire (Choreographer, left) and Ronex Ahimbisibwe (Visual Artist, right) in the foreground. This picture was taken after the production team paid a visit to the only known survivor from Punishment Island - standing in the background with her grandson, Godhead. 

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